Solutions Architect

Once the solutions are presented and approved, our solutions architect responsibilities transitions into a program manager role, as a liaison with your organization and the program development.  Our solutions architect also plays a vital role in the oversite of the design and development of e-learning materials. They work with instructional designers and subject matter experts to create e-learning material that is engaging, interactive, and aligned with the learning objectives of the learners, ensuring that the materials are accessible and usable by learners with different abilities and needs (ADA Section 508 compliant).

In the design phase, our solutions architects also consider and present solutions for the critical phase of evaluating and assessing the effectiveness of e-learning materials. We use various evaluation methods and design metrics (KPIs – trailing and leading) to measure the impact of e-learning solutions with your organization and its learners. Based on the results of the evaluations, solutions architects will make recommendations for improvements and enhancements to the e-learning materials.

The successful implementation and sustainability of your organizations training program is important to Campbell Training Solutions. We will work closely with your team’s leadership, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders to analyze and design a solid training program that meets your organization’s e-learning needs and objectives, that is scalable and sustainable, and aligned with the needs of your staff as well as your organization’s goals and objectives.

Campbell Training Solutions specializes in the providing a strategic approach to your training program needs by offering a solutions architect to help your organization analyze and design a holistic training program.  Our solutions architects are professionals who are responsible for designing and implementing e-learning solutions that meet the specific needs of your organization or institution. We work closely with your leadership team, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders to create e-learning solutions that are impactful, necessary, effective, efficient, and meet your business goals. The role of a solutions architect for e-learning is crucial in ensuring that e-learning solutions are aligned with your organization’s goals and objectives, as well as the needs of the learners in their learning journey, not a one and done approach.

One of the key responsibilities of a solutions architect for e-learning is to understand the organization’s e-learning and business needs and objectives. We analyze the organization’s current e-learning environment, identify gaps and areas for improvement, and work with stakeholders to develop a comprehensive e-learning strategy. This includes identifying the appropriate e-learning tools, technologies, and systems to determine the most effective instructional design methods, and defining the scope of the e-learning project/program.  It’s important to ensure that the e-learning solutions are scalable and sustainable and can easily be integrated with existing systems and processes, and easily updated and maintained. Our solutions architects also ensures that the e-learning solutions are secure and comply with relevant regulations and standards, with the assistance of your subject matter expert.